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What is the Stomping Land?

The Stomping Land is a multiplayer surivival game about living in a world with dinosaurs. Form tribes, build traps and hunt down Earth's historic beasts with the goal of becoming the most dominant tribe on the island." [1]

In order to survive, your primary need is simply dinosaur meat. There are plenty of small dinosaurs on the island for you to hunt, but larger carnivores are nearly impossible to kill and effective at preventing you from obtaining your food.

At the very start, your hunter is weak and ineffective. By salvaging resources from the world, you will have access to tools and abilities that make you a competent hunter. These tools, when used in combination, will counter these larger carnivores or help you discover other ways of obtaining food. A few of these methods include:

Cooperation is highly rewarded since the process of hunting becomes drastically easier. Groups of hunters will have the ability to build campsites, which can be used to store meat, build structures, and use special functions.

The more meat stored means the less dinosaurs to hunt. This will cause other tribes to seek out and destroy campsites.

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